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Arquitectura y Construcción Bauer S.A., was created in 2013 in Chile and BAUER projects LLC was created in 2020 in Florida, USA,  by three partners. Managing partner Carlos Bauer began practicing architecture in 1999, working at prestigious Chilean studios and international firms in Italy and Germany. Thanks to this experience, he has developed a broad, methodological and transparent vision while developing and growing his career and brings this success and experience to the company’s current projects.

Now known as BAUER projects, the company enjoys a consolidated market position, where its greatest attribute is “to come up with solutions that mobilize development and growth.” To accomplish this, it combines a variety of assets such as experience, an insightful team, methodology and resources, all focused on people, companies and clients in order to offer a value proposition of ideas that flow towards the prosperity that guarantees successful service, working diligently to fulfill the promise to “always consider people in order to offer them possibilities for their development, growth and wellbeing.”


The company has a vision and mission to demonstrate and understand the social and cultural impact that each project can generate through features that inspire and emphasize wellbeing, value over cost, audacity, listening, collaboration and co-creation, where the leading role is played by people, communities and diverse social configurations with a broad understanding of their surroundings. This leads to conscientious, balanced projects involving all converging elements such as urban planning, culture, identity, environment, community, among others.

As a company we are called to develop spaces where people can grow, develop and have what they need to be happy, starting from the premise that spaces considerably influence the flow of people's lives.

For that reason, we ultimately aspire for our projects and actions, from our perspective, to contribute to the life put in motion by our surroundings.



Our commitment to contribute to the development of an increasingly better society clearly must start at home. As soon as we learned about Desafío 10X, we thought it was a fantastic initiative. We have already committed and will soon obtain final certification. We are happy to be a part of this!

More on our certifications here >>


BAUER projects is much more than a company. We are concerned with the wellbeing of our customers, people and everyone's success. In this spirit, we have provided this channel for you to submit comments, suggestions or complaints and thus help us build a prosperous, barrier-free organization.
If you wish, this mechanism can also be used anonymously to communicate any particular situation.

​Otherwise you can include your personal information for more customized monitoring of the matter and so we can contact you directly if necessary.

¡Thanks for your message!


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