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Sustainability is derived from a Social Responsibility towards voluntary integration, framed by the social and environmental concerns of the different operations and relationships that can take place within and outside a company. This is why BAUER projects is highly interested in developing strategies and actions that generate short and long-term economic, environmental and social value. We do this to help improve wellbeing and further the progress of present and future generations, in their general setting, thereby fulfilling our promise to always consider people in order to offer them possibilities for their development, growth and wellbeing.


Our projects are conceived using sustainable design criteria, always seeking the latest applied construction technologies and favoring environmentally certified materials such as low-flow toilets and faucets, efficient LED lighting, recycled pavement materials, recycled paint, energy-efficient glass, Cradle-to-Cradle carpeting and water-based adhesives. With this in mind, we work with our clients to evaluate different construction-related certifications and prevent excessive demolition in order to minimize waste.



We are in the process of devising an indicator to objectively measure the socio-environmental impact of our projects and actions.


At BAUER projects, we are inspired to demonstrate and comprehend the potential social, environmental and cultural impact of our processes and relationships, both within and outside the organization. As a result, we broaden our perspective as a way of contributing to the life put in motion by our surroundings. This is what motivates us to become a B Corporation. We understand the different attributes that lead to conscientious, balanced processes, starting with our organization and purpose as part of the social responsibility we promote as a company.


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